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This is a year with new beginnings for all of us here at St. Albert the Great.  I am honored to be your principal for our 65th school year!  St. Albert the Great is steeped in a long and illustrious history marked with academic excellence.  As we near the end of our 65th year, we embrace our new beginnings, while respecting our history and traditions.  

The past months have been quite busy for us here at St. Albert the Great, as we have accomplished much in a short amount of time.  This year, we have acquired 5 new SMARTboard technologies, as well as 5 additional SMART boards.  We have obtained a beautiful playground for our students, as well as purchased new basketball uniforms for our teams!  We have made great advances in our academic achievement, as we have become a Harvard Data-Wise school.  Our illustrious faculty have given presentations on our Harvard Data-Wise process to the program creators at Harvard as well as to the Archdiocese of Chicago downtown offices.  We have implemented a parent work program and a finance committee which work together to make a St. Albert the Great education more affordable to our families.  

The big news for us this year, was the announcement of our grant that was awarded to us by the Archdiocese.  This grant will finance the training of our teachers by LEAP Innovations in a program called, Personalized Learning.  Through this program, students are given the finest of resources in technology, devices, infrastructure, and support services.  This truly is a "game-changer" for our school.  We are so blessed and are very excited to begin this 21st Century Learning program at St. Albert the Great school.  

Wishing you God's blessings for 2020!

Mrs. Jodi McLawhorn, Principal

"Veritas, Mens, Sanctitas"



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