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St. Albert the Great is a very special community. A vital component that distinguishes our school is the involvement of our parents and guardians.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the academic calendar. Your participation provides support, a channel of communication, and fosters a sense of Christian community spirit by providing assistance the school as needed.

Prior to volunteering, any individual who desires to interact with our students must attend Protecting God's Children for Adults Virtus Training. More information concerning the Virtus process can be found at this link:

At St. Albert the Great, we are committed to protecting all of God's children and providing a safe environment where children and young people can learn, thrive, and grow.


Please click on the following link to complete the volunteer requirements:

Volunteering Requirements

ALL adult volunteers are required to have ALL THREE of the following:

  1. Participated in the workshop, "Protecting God's Children" (link to schedule)
  2. Please sign up for and attend a VIRTUS training session. At the end of the session, you will be given a certificate of completion which you must bring to the school office. To sign up, click here: VIRTUS SIGN UP
  3. Complete an online background check. Once you complete it, print out a copy and bring it to the school office.  To start your background check, please click here: Back Ground Check
  4. Complete a Code of Conduct Form and return signed to the school office Code of Conduct (English)  Code of Conduct  (Spanish) . Complete a CANTS form and return to the school office. (Please do not send it to DCFS, we will do that.) A new CANTS form will have to be completed each year. CANTS form (English)    CANTS form (Spanish)

Emergency Closing Information
In addition to the Chicago-area Emergency-Closing Center site, St. Albert the Great subscribes to School Reach. School Reach acts as a means to communicate critical information via texts, email, and phone messaging to alert families of disruptions or an unforeseen school closure.
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