Ms. Albanese
1st Grade
Ball State University
Bachelor in Elementary Education
Favorite Subject: Reading
Mrs. Burzinski
5th Grade
Harvard Data-Wise Team
Personalized Learning Teacher

Illinois Benedictine College
B.A. Literature & Communications
M.A. Reading Education
Favorite Subjects: Language Arts & Social Studies
Ms. Hernandez
4th Grade
Western Governors University 
B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8th education)
Favorite Subject: 
Ms. Kanan
Extended day 
Favorite Subject: 
Ms. Kelleher
1st grade
St. Xavier University 
B.A. Elementary Education
Favorite Subject: 



Ms. Lipkin
8th grade
Favorite Subject: 
Mrs. Lee
Harvard Data-Wise Team


National Louis University
B.A. Early Childhood Education & Psychology
Favorite Subject: Reading
Mrs. Karr
3rd Grade
Personalized Learning Teacher

St. Xavier University
B.A. Education
Favorite Subject: Reading
Mrs. Schwider

Vandercook College of Music
B.A. Music Education 
Favorite Subjects: 


Ms. Katello
7th Grade 
St. Xavier Universtiy 
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with concentrations in science and math.  Currently, completing a Master of Arts in Teaching from Saint Xavier University
Favorite Subject: Science



Mrs. O'Donnell
University of Illinois at Chucago and Dominican University 
M.A. Early Childhood Education
Favorite Subject: 
Mrs. Kuzminski
6th Grade


Favorite Subjects: 
Mrs. McLaughlin
2nd Grade
Personalized Learning Teacher
Completed LEAP
Trinity Christian College
Bachelor of Arts in Education

Endorsements in Language Arts, Science & History

Favorite Subject: Religion Math and Reading

Mrs. Reitz

Favorite Subject: 

Mrs. Rychtarczyk

Favorite Subject: 



Mrs. Dikcis
Physical Education


Mrs. Sanchez
Preschool Aide
Extended Day Teacher
Mrs. Kubil
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Chatman
SEL and School Counselor
The University of Toledo
Bowling Green State University 
MA in counselor Education with a concentration in School Counseling 
BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology
Favorite Subject: Psychology
Mrs. Franco 
Marketing Director/Secretary
DePaul University
Bachelor Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing
Favorite Subject: Reading
Mrs. Krol
Main Office - Administrative Assistant
Site Administrator
Governors State University
Bachelor Degree in Psychology
Favorite Subject: Math
Mrs. McLawhorn
Harvard Data-Wise Team
Personalized Learning Lead
VanderCook College of Music
Concordia University
M.A. Educational Leadership 
Favorite Subject:  Music & Social Studies
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