Extended Day Program


The Extended Day Program has been instituted to provide before and after school care for St. Albert the Great students whose parents are working, or as emergency situations arise. Extended Day is open on every school day (unless otherwise notified) from 6:30 am. until 8:00 am. and from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm however, it will not be available for preschool children dismissing at 11:15 am. Students who are in Extended Day will be brought to their classroom at 8:00 am.

St. Albert the Great children, preschool through 8th grade may enroll. All families are expected to register their child/ren in Extended Day prior to their first day of usage. Emergency care will always be provided at any time however, the registration forms will be sent home with your child on that day.
We will provide the children with activities such as games, puzzles, movies, crafts, and art projects, etc. Outdoor activities in small adult supervised groups may take place when weather permits.
A quiet area is provided for those children who have homework assignments. All children will be expected to work on their homework unless you have notified us in writing that you prefer their homework to be done at home.
Toys from Home:
Please do not let your child bring any personal items from home. We provide plenty of toys and games for the children to use while attending the program.
Students attending the morning session are to have breakfast before arriving to school. If your child will be attending the afternoon (3:00 pm) session, please provide a light snack/drink for them. Due to allergies, etc. we cannot allow any sharing of food/drinks with other students.
Each child will be provided with a clothes basket for storing his or her belongings. This basket will be emptied daily, and returned to the Extended Day Room after its use.
After School Activities:
If a child is enrolled in an after school activity such as Scouts, Choir, etc., arrangements are made with the director, of that activity, for the child to be "removed from" and "returned to" the Extended Day room. Students will not be dismissed to anyone following an activity unless the approved person has signed the child out of Extended Day. Please make sure you have signed out your child from Extended Day before picking them up from their activity. Prior to your child being allowed to leave for an activity, a permission slip must be on file in Extended Day. The staff cannot take "phoned in" permission for the release of a child for an activity.
Attendance Policy:
Unless written notification or verbal instruction is received from a parent/guardian, the child will be sent to Extended Day as scheduled.  A person authorized on your registration form must sign out students from Extended Day. There will be no exception to this rule! This is our best way of securing the safety of your child. The staff is not required to recognize all the authorized people for every child, so please do not be offended if a staff member asks to see some identification. Your child's safety is extremely important to us at all times. Please instruct anyone who may be picking up your child to bring some form of identification with him or her. We may not be able to release a child without this information.
A child will never be released to anyone not on your list! Please notify Extended Day immediately if there are to be any changes in your normal routine/schedule for the child. Extended Day is available everyday but, if you need your child to be added or removed to/from the list in the after school session, please contact the school before 2:00 pm.
Emergency Use:
No child will ever be left alone outside at any time. Anyone who arrives early to school or not picked up on time after school will be placed in Extended Day. However, sometimes circumstances arise and if you may know this before the end of the school day, please call us at (708) 424-7757 so we can notify the child, their teacher and the Extended Day Staff.
Late Pick Up:
The staff employed by the program, are expected to remain only until 6:00 pm. Courtesy demands that this be respected. An additional fee for late pick ups will be charged to the parent at $5.00 per child for any portion of 15 minutes late, plus the regular hourly Extended Day rate.  
ALL St. Albert the Great students are expected to respect the teachers, staff, each other, and the materials provided at all times. They must never use the E.D. phone, answer the door, or leave the school or grounds without an adult present or without permission. If a child is having a behavior problem in Extended Day the parent will be notified and the Principal will take disciplinary action if needed.
Special Provisions & Procedures:
In the event of an illness or accident, the parent will be notified according to the instructions on the Extended Day Emergency Card and Registration Forms.
Charges & Costs:
  • Registration fee is $10.00 per family. (fee covers the cost of paper, craft supplies, games, etc.  needed during the year)
  • Supplies: We ask that each family brings 2 large rolls of paper towels and 2 large boxes of  Kleenex.
  • Fees are charged for any portion of ½ hour intervals:
    • 1-30 minutes you will be charged the ½ hour rate
    • 31-60 minutes you will be charged the hourly rate.
  • Late Pick Ups after 6:00 pm:  $5.00 per child, per any portion of every 15 minutes after 6:00 pm, plus the hourly rate will be charged for late pick ups.
  • Weekly family bills will be sent home in the brown envelope of the oldest child in school approximately 1 week after the week of service. Usually, bills are sent home on Friday and due by Wednesday. The due date is always posted at the top of the bill. Payments not received by the due date posted will be charged a $5.00 late fee. Please refer to the school handbook regarding NSF fees.
Extended Day Rates:
$6.00 per hour – 1 child ($3.00 for any portion of ½ hour)
$7.00 per hour – 2 children ($3.50 for any portion of ½ hour)
$7.50 per hour – 3 or more children ($3.75 for any portion of ½ hour)
VERY IMPORTANT: If you are going to use your Extended Day payments for tax purposes, it is important for you to keep the white copy of the bill you receive (we have our own copy) or use your cancelled check for taxes purposes.
Changes and modifications are at the discretion of the Principal. Thank you for choosing St. Albert the Great Catholic School for your child's education and for your before and after school needs.
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